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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Philosophy on Early Childhood Education

If you visit my classroom, you will not find neat rows of desks with children working quietly on their worksheets.  In fact, you will likely see no worksheets at all.  You will, however, see children playing.  You will see children creating.  You will hear children talking and laughing and singing.  You will likely see some big messes being made.  It may even look and sound chaotic at first glance.  There is a reason for all of this.  Children learn through play.  Children learn by doing and exploring.  They are most attentive to activities they choose, and remember best what they have discovered themselves.  Children learn by using all of their senses, and through process-oriented rather than product-oriented activities. 
As a preschool teacher, my job is not to teach the children as much as it is to guide them in their discoveries.  My job is to create an environment that is rich in things to discover, ways to create, and opportunities to explore.  I then let the children lead and I act as a guide in this wonderful thing called learning.

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